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Glossary of Terms

قاموس المصطلحات
Aalem:Arabic for scholar.
Ahlulbait:Muhammad and the Infallible members of his family, Peace be upon him and them.
Ahlulbayt:See Ahlulbait.
Ahlulkissa: Fatimah and her father (Prophet Muhammad) and her husband (Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb) and her sons (al-Hassan and al-Hussein), Peace be upon them.
Alem:See aalem.
Al-/al-:Arabic for the.
Praise be to God:Arabic for "absolute praise be to God."
Allah:Arabic for God. The name of God in Arabic.
Arabic:Arabic is the native language of the Arabs. It is language of the Qur'an, the holly book of Islam.
Ayatollah:A title given to a Shiite scholar who has completed a particular high level of theological work.
Azakhana-e-Zahra:An Islamic Shia center established by Syed Mudassir Ali Shah Moosvi and located in Milpitas, California.
BASMA:The Business Association of the Shiite-Muslims of America™.
Ibn:Arabic for "son of."
BOD:Board of Directors.
Du'a:Arabic for prayer or supplication.
Fortieth:This is the fortieth day after the death of a person.
Al-Hajj:An honorary Arabic title used to honor those who have performed the pilgrimage. To Muslims, the Hajj is the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
Hajj:Arabic for pilgrimage. To Muslims, the Hajj is the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia.
Halaqa:Arabic for ring or circle. Also, read about the Islamic Halaqa Program.
Ibnat:Arabic for "daughter of."
ICA:Iraqi Community Association.
ICCNC:Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California.
Inshallah: Arabic for "God willing. Also spelled as Insha'Allah.
Irfan:Arabic for recognition. In theological terms: Recognizing the divine knowledge residing in our hearts.
Ithar: Arabic for altruism. The act of giving up what one has and yet needs to others!
Jama'aah: Arabic for group.
Jama'aah prayer: Arabic for "group prayer."
M4:M4 is the alternate name of the Islamic Halaqa Program. The Arabic motto of this project includes four main words starting with the letter 'm;' thus M4.
Light of Lights:One of the titles and attributes of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH&HF.
Mahdi:The Guided. Al-Mahdi, PBUH, is the Twelfth Imam. He appears after the Earth has become filled with tyranny and oppression to fill it with fairness and justice.
Mahasen al-Akhlaqa:Arabic for "the benevolent temperament."
Makarem al-Akhlaq:Arabic for "the generous temperament."
Maulana:ِAbbreviation of Maulana, which is Arabic for "our lord."
Muhajir:Arabic for immigrant.
Mumin:Arabic for faithful. Used to refer to the devout believer in the Islamic faith.
Mustahab: Arabic for recommended. More precisely, it is Arabic for "favored by God."
Salat:Arabic for prayer. Example: Salat az-Zuhr (the Noon Prayer).
PBUH:Peace be upon him/her.
PBUT:Peace be upon them.
S:Abbreviation of Salam or salawat of God be upon him/her.
Salam:Arabic for peace. Peace is one of the 99 Qur'anic Holy Names of God.
Salawat: Arabic for blessings. Example: Fatimah, salawat of God be upon her.
Salat al-Maghrebain:Arabic for "Maghreb and Esha prayers."
Sayyed:Arabic for lord. An honorary title used to refer to a man who is a pious descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, PBUH&HF, through his daughter Fatimah az-Zahra, PBUH.
SFBASIC:San Francisco Bay Area Shia Islamic Community.
Shia:See Shiite.
Shiite:A follower of the earliest branch of Islam. A Shiite is a follower of Ali ibn Abi Taleb, PBUH, the son in-law of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH&HF. The Shiites of Ali, PBUH, existed during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH&HF.
SABA:Shia Association of Bay Area (a.k.a. Saba Center; a.k.a. Saba Islamic Center; a.k.a. SABA, Inc.; a.k.a. Saba Mosque).
Syed:Same as Sayyed.
Tawfiq:Arabic for "the concurrence of God."
Ulema:Arabic: Plural of aalem, which Arabic for "Islamic Scholar."
Ummah:Arabic for nation.
Urdu:A language spoken by Muslims from India and Pakistan.
Vali-e-Faqih:Farsi for "Supreme Islamic Shia Jurisprudent."
Al-Wali al-Faqih: Arabic for "Guardian Jurisprudent."
Zuhoor:Arabic for appearance.
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