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Reuters: Top News
  • 'Justice' named Merriam-Webster's 2018 Word of the Year
  • Standoff over Trump border wall puts U.S. Congress in budget 'pickle'
  • Global stocks dip as 'Santa Claus rally' elusive, oil rises
  • U.S. ethanol producers seek pricing reform as markets plunge, ADM sells
  • Democrats jostle over investigations into Trump's finances, Russia ties
  • Wall St. sinks; Gundlach says U.S. stock are in bear market
  • Facing opposition, Britain's May will bring Brexit deal back to parliament
  • UK's Labour calls May no confidence vote over Brexit vote timing
  • Exclusive: Venezuela creditors demand payment on $1.5 billion defaulted…
  • Czech cyber watchdog calls Huawei, ZTE products a security threat
  • Reuters: World News

  • France vows aid for Burkina, but no more troops to fight Islamists
  • Indian opposition leader jailed for life over bloody anti-Sikh riots in…
  • Erdogan says Trump positive on Turkish military plan to push east in Syria
  • U.N. peacekeepers say two tunnels at Israel border breached U.N. resolution
  • U.S. backs NATO membership for Bosnia, dismisses Serb opposition
  • Blast smashes windows, wrecks offices at Greece's SKAI TV in 'attack on…
  • Afghan Taliban meet U.S. officials, as peace efforts intensify
  • Facing opposition, Britain's May will bring Brexit deal back to parliament
  • UK's Labour calls May no confidence vote over Brexit vote timing
  • Hospital fire kills six in Mumbai, scores rescued
  • Reuters: U.S.

  • New York Governor Cuomo aims to legalize recreational marijuana use
  • E-cigarette usage nearly doubles in U.S. high-schools: survey
  • Small assault-style rifle firms thriving under activists' radar
  • Trump hails judge's ruling against Obamacare as 'great'
  • Dead Guatemalan girl dreamed of sending money home to poor family
  • Hondurans who fled political violence fear for lives if sent home
  • After outcry over appointment, Trump's top law enforcer treading lightly
  • Guatemalan girl's dad: she was healthy, well-hydrated before death at…
  • As Zinke departs, Trump says he will name new interior secretary next week
  • Factbox: Trump administration departures, firings, reassignments
  • Reuters: Oddly Enough

  • Bees, brothels and monkey selfies: oh my; 2018 abuzz with odd U.S. stories
  • Worth the sting: Cuba's scorpion pain remedy
  • No free money in New Jersey: Police want spilled banknotes back
  • Chirp perp: Finches found in luggage at NY airport
  • Craps: Dice roll sinks Arkansas candidate who twice missed voting for…
  • 'Benny the Beluga' facing Christmas in the Thames far from home
  • Bug business: Cockroaches corralled by the millions in China to crunch…
  • Curry signals willingness to meet with NASA over Moon landing doubts
  • Firefighters to the rescue after German chocolate factory spill
  • Monkeys run amok in India's corridors of power
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