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Press Release: We Are Outraged by the London Terrorist Bombings


July 7, 2005

San Jose, California, U.S.A. -- We are outraged by the terrorist bombings in London and extends its condolences to all the victims and the people of Britain. We are deeply troubled and disturbed by this work of evil. We condemn the perpetrators and reject any connection they or others may want to create between terrorism and Islam, the religion of Peace and compassion.

As Western Muslims, we are the target and first victims of these terrorists. But the biggest victim of these terrorists is humanity itself. As such, we seek to actively shield our peaceful societies from terror by discrediting and rejecting the terrorists and their madness. We also seek to reverse the circumstances that led to the creation of such evil entities.

We condemn Osama ibn Laden, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and all terror groups. We reject their perverted ideologies and call for their rapid elimination.

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