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Arrogance Fact Sheet



A Fact Sheet

 By Syed Muhammad Haider Ali



According to Masomeen arrogance and false pride is due to

  • Too high an opinion of oneself
  • To consider others as inferior to oneself (superiority complex)
  • From ones own inferiority complex

Imam al Sadiq (P) is reported to have said: "Arrogance means belittling others and not being just"


  • Concerned only with ones own interests and respect only their own personality and views

  • Attach no importance to the rights and position of others

  • Expect everybody else to be submissive and obedient to them

  • Intolerance and disrespect of others

  • Tolerate only those who bow before them and say yes to all what they wish

  • Gradually become despotic and tyrant. If these people achieve power they do not hesitate to commit any excess and regard themselves as the masters of the life, property and the honor of the other people

Disadvantages in this life:

Lack of common sense and wisdom:
Imam al Sadiq (P) says:
 "One's practical wisdom decreases exactly in proportion to the increase in one's arrogance".

One who considers himself to be the greatest and perfect will put no effort in improving himself, his business, personal life, children etc. He will be surpassed by his competition very easily due to this stagnation.

Arrogance acts as a thick veil which hides one's shortcomings from his own view, and thus prevents him from removing them and attaining perfection

One who shows superiority is actually suffering from inferiority complex. He knows that he has many short‑comings, and he feels distressed on that account. But instead of making efforts to make up his deficiencies, he tries to conceal them and in order to relieve his complex he puts on airs and shows haughtiness.

Making enemies and alienating others from himself due to bad behavior

Will not be able to benefit from the experience of others.

Disadvantages in Hereafter (Qiyama)

An arrogant person wages a war against Allah and challenges His might and greatness.

Allah seals the heart of arrogant so they are not able to receive guidance from Him.

Allah will humiliate and disgrace them in this world and on the Day of Judgment.

Allah has promised that proud and arrogant people will not enter paradise

Arrogance in Quran and Hadith:

"Do not walk on the earth arrogantly, certainly you will never be able to tear the earth open, nor compete with the mountains in height." (17:39)

"Do not turn your cheek away from the people in arrogance, and do not walk on the earth arrogantly; God does not love any arrogant and boastful person. Be modest in your walk, and lower your voice; surely the most hideous of voices is that of the ass." (31:18-19)

"They (unbelievers) will be told, Enter the gates of Hell and stay in forever. What a terrible dwelling place the arrogant shall have!" (Surah al‑Zumar, 39:72).

 "Musa said, "I seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord from every arrogant tyrant who does not believe in the Day of Reckoning"(Surah Mo'min, 40:27).

 �.Thus does Allah seal every proud, arrogant heart. (40:35)

I shall turn away from My Revelations those who magnify themselves �(7:146)

Iblis the first arrogant:

We created you, then We shaped you and then We said to the angels, "Prostrate before Adam!" so they bowed themselves except Iblis (the Shaytan), he was not among those who had bowed themselves. Allah said (to the Shaytan), "What prevented you from bowing yourself when I commanded you?" Iblis said, "I am better than him; You have created me of fire, while You have created him of clay." So Allah said, "Then you get down from this (heavenly station), it is not for you to be arrogant here. Get out! You are among the humiliated ones." (7:11-3)

In another chapter, the Qur'an says, "All the angels bowed themselves to Adam except Iblis (the Shaytan) who refused and was arrogant, and thus he became one of the unbelievers. "(2:34)

Firawn the big arrogant:

Have you received the story of Musa? When his Lord called to him in the holy valley, Tuwa: "Go to Fir'awn; he has exceeded the limits. And say to him, `Have you the intention to purify yourself so that I should guide you to your Lord, then you shall fear Him?"' (So Musa went to Fir'awn and) showed him the great sign, but Fir'awn disbelieved and rebelled, then he turned away hastily. Then Fir'awn gathered an assembly of men and proclaimed that "I am your Most High Lord." Therefore, God seized him with punishment (79:16)

Prophet (S) has said:
One who has even a particle of pride in his heart, shall not enter paradise.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that Allah has said, "Arrogance is My robe and glory is My dress; therefore, whoever tries to take any of these two from me, I will put him in hell."

Imam al‑Sadiq (P) has said:
 "Arrogance is a characteristic of the wicked. Greatness is a garment which suits Allah alone. Allah simply debases him who tries to rival Him in greatness".

Jesus (A) has said: "Just as a plant grows in soft ground, not where it is rocky and hard, so also wisdom sprouts and grows in a heart which is humble and soft, not in the hard hearts of the arrogant. Don't you see that the man who keeps his head high bashes it against the roof, while one who holds his head low has the roof as his friend and shelter?"

Imam `Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) which says, "I am surprised at man: his beginning is a sperm and his end is a corpse, and between his beginning and his end he is just a earner of waste-and still he is arrogant!"


Amir ul Mu'mineen Ali [a] said: "Do not become obstinate (and do not strictly follow your own ideas), because such a one will meet destruction."  Tasnif-I-Ghurar-ul-Hikam, p443

Imam Amir ul Mu'mineen [a] said: "He who considers himself a great one (self-conceited), is naught with Allah. Tasnif-I-Ghurar-ul-Hikam, p308 & Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol6, p91

Imam Amir ul Mu'mineen Ali [a] said: "Two things cause people to be destroyed (and lead unto Hell): fear of poverty, and seeking superiority through pride." Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol72, p39

Imam Amir ul Mu'mineen Ali [a] said: "You should avoid self-admiration, having reliance upon what appears good in yourself, and love of exaggerated praise because this is one of the most reliable opportunities for Satan." Ghurar-ul-Hikam, p298

Imam Sadiq [a] said: "He who has even a little arrogance in his heart will not be allowed to enter Heaven." Al-Kafi, vol2, p310

Always stay away from pride (arrogance)I have often seen that Allah insults and disgraces one who is arrogant. Arrogance results in failure, disappointment, insult and disrepute.

Arrogance and pride results in madness and foolishness. Otherwise what is the cause of a mans arrogance? He should remember his beginning and end. In the beginning he was a drop of najis sperm and in the end he is going to die. After this what reason does he have for arrogance? (Mustadrak 2, p330)

Son, stay away from arrogance-pride. Dont wear dress which touches the ground. It gives rise to pride and it deprives one even of the scent of heaven. (Wasael-ush-Shiite, p286)

If you keep sitting when others get up out of respect, it is a kind of arrogance. One who sits out of pride, and excepts others to stand around him, Allah considers him as one of the inmates of hell(Jameus-sadaat - 1, p309)

Aimme-masoomeen (a.m.s.) have shown the remedy for arrogance (pride)Patched clothes, old shoes, dirt-filled face, personally carrying provisions from bazaar, riding ordinary animal and the company of poor and destitute, and they have adopted this way of life. (Mustadrak-2, p235)

Cure for Arrogance:

  • Turn your attention towards God and to know Him and to realize that only the omnipotent Creator deserves worship and praise, and that he is nothing in comparison to the majesty of God.

  • One remedy is to study the various Quranic verses and traditions which deal with this vice and condemn it

  • Practice humility towards God and men, associate with the poor and the weak

  • Abstain from ostentatious dressing, put on simple dress

  • Be on equal good terms with the poor, rich, young and old alike

  • Greet everyone in the best manner regardless of age and social status

  • Abstain from seeking a seat at a high place of honor at gatherings

  • Resist all selfish desires which contribute to make one arrogant

  • Islam considers a human beings beginning and end both as najis, he must think twice before being arrogant!

  • Consider you own humble beginnings as a sperm-drop and the certain end as a handful of dust, and the brief interval of ones life as a creature prone to disease and dominated and driven by lust and instincts

  • Attend Jamaat Salats

  • Go to Hajj

Humility, Modesty and Politeness:

The opposite of arrogance is humility, and is one of the most praiseworthy of moral virtues. The Holy Quran makes this statement about the virtue of humility:

The (faithful) servants of the All-Merciful are they who walk upon theearth with humility, and when the ignorant address them, answer: Peace (2.5:63)

And lower thy wing (in kindness) unto those believers who follow thee (26:215)

It should be noted that humility is the middle ground between arrogance and abjectness, and just as the former is a vice, so is the latter. The difference between abjectness and humility is also clear. Thus while it is praiseworthy for man to be humble, it is a vice to abase oneself.


Politeness is the fruit of concentration, fear of Allah and modesty. (Mustadrak - 2, p306)
Politeness increases your wisdom. (Wasel - 2, p 407)
It is said in the tradition that politeness raises ones status. (Wasael - 2, p407)
Allah is proud of those who are polite and humble. He has appointed one angel for every person, and he has put the angel in control of his head. Whenever he raises his head in arrogance, the angel brings it down, and whenever he bows his head in politeness, the angel raises his head. (Wasael 2, p471)
Hazrat Moosa (a.s.) was made Kaleem by Allah because of his polite and humble nature. He put down his head in dust so Allah made him the most exalted and supreme in the world.

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